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Solutions for teams struggling to hit their numbers and quotas.
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Developed by top hotel sales executives, conference, meeting, and travel planners.

"The learning modules are a tool that can be utilized for coaching, polishing skills and motivation.
Thank you for the ongoing benefits."

Hotel-DOS is ideal for branded or independent hotels, with training focused on critical skill development using proven techniques, strategies, and protocols in all core areas of job performance. Learning modules are based on real-world scenarios that include prospecting for new accounts, making winning presentations, overcoming objections, getting past gatekeepers negotiating and restarting stalled contracts, closing deals, and much more.
Training includes one-on-one role-playing, self-assessments, team tracks, and success oriented case studies that provide accountability for teams and individuals. The step-by-step facilitator’s guides allow the Director of Sales to coach sequences of learning modules to address critical needs and insure the highest return on investment.
Specialized training for sales teams

Team Training with Steve Steinhart

Get sales training made easy. Team training is designed to accelerate your sales teams performance and improve customer experience.
Simply click to view training videos and download to print out exercises. Start training your team to hit their sales goals month after month.
  • icon_01Role Playing modules develop a variety of essential and high demand skill sets to convert prospects to customers.
  • icon_02Team Track modules are designed to coordinate every sales person's individual effort to converge into a collective team decision.
  • icon_07Self Assessment modules evaluate your team's competency and identify core skill strengths and weaknesses.
  • icon_08Case Study modules are market specific and demonstrate key decision making factors.

"As a General Manager I sleep at night knowing my sales team is utilizing the tools this training program provides."

Support Services

Executive consultations are available in all phases of sales as well as personal career advancement. Directors and teams can get help solving lingering problems and launching new sales campaigns. Confidential consultations are available by appointment.

When career decisions need to be made, a Hotel-DOS confidential consultation provides insider expertise with industry knowledge to maximize promotional opportunities and career development with management companies and branded or independent hotels.

  • icon_01Sales performance consultations get your team on track and stay there to remove barriers and consistently book more business.
  • icon_02Career Track development will help you to understand your potential career options and take control by increasing your future opportunities.

  • icon_01Executive Mentoring is one-on-one individually focused career and lifestyle coaching to align your long term goals and aspirations.

“An incredible program. The true measure has been the improved sales shop calls, our closure ratios and increased revenues.”

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