Designed by Steve Steinhart of Steinhart & Associates these training programs are incredible for teams struggling to hit quotas. Hotel-DOS training programs accelerate performance levels, re-energize staff with success-driven confidence, and establish accountability. These specialized trainings are also ideal for leadership programs, new employees, and targeted sales campaigns. Packages and individual learning modules are ready for immediate use. Simply download to watch a video or print out worksheets, and begin training.

"Unbelievably effective training modules that have always led to an immediate increase in my team’s booking numbers.”


Hotel-DOS training is results oriented. Thousands of sales managers have completed these trainings with immediate success in dealing with new or difficult customers. Teams learn to work smarter by cultivating greater competency in key areas of job knowledge, developing critical skills that attract new customers and build loyalty.
Training For Hotel Directors of Sales

Hotel-DOS learning modules have helped hundreds of independent and branded sales teams nationwide with specialized trainings in a broad spectrum of hospitality disciplines.

Trainings include emphasis on group learning and team building. Curriculums are designed by the industry’s top sales performers along with professional meeting, travel, and event planners. Their extensive knowledge and experience offers sales managers insider information and valuable insights to make each session fact filled and motivating.

Hotel-DOS industry surveys gather common-denominator data from top international hotel sales superstars. Their winning practices and techniques are incorporated into every learning module. The core training teaches exactly how, when, and where to prospect, how to

Hotel Director of Sales Training

overcome barriers, how to prepare winning presentations, and the best ways to close deals and expedite signed contracts.

Training modules are designed for Directors of Sales to coach training sessions. The easy-to-use facilitator’s guides walk you step-by-step through every learning module and lets you customize the training sequence to suit your immediate needs. This addresses problem areas, raises performance levels, helps get teams on a winning tack, and insures you get the highest return on investment.

Hotel teams thrive on hitting their numbers month after month. Learning modules focus on changing market demands that sales teams face daily. Training scenarios are based on real-world case studies and field tested to insure predictable success ratios.

“Allowed us to get back to focusing on key sales basics without an introductory course feel.
Awesome for my rookies and pros alike.”


Low-Cost — High-Return Training and Support

  • No travel costs or loss of productivity.
  • Train your entire team or just one person.
  • Establish baseline accountability to measure productivity.
  • Increase ROI with >20% to >100% after training.
  • Less expensive and easier to customize than brand training.

Buy the Quota Killer Training Package™ with 21 learning modules for $500; a retail value of more than $1000 when purchased individually.

“I’ve never seen a proceed at your own pace hotel sales training program that was more on the mark and so simple to facilitate with my teams.”