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  • The Rain Maker Training Package™
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Hotel Sales and Career Support Services

Hotel-DOS provides targeted consultations in all phases of hotel sales and individual career advancement. Let us help you get on track and stay there with a confidential call.

  • Sales Performance Consultations
  • Career Track Development
  • Executive Mentoring

"My very experienced team was in a bit of a rut and this training turned everything around. Wow…”


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    Role Playing modules develop a variety of essential and high-demand sales skills to convert prospects into customers.

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    Self Assessment moudules evaluate your team's competency and identify core skill strengths and weaknesses.

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    Team Track modules coordinate every sales person's individual effort to be a collective team decision.

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    Case Study modules are market specific and demonstrate key decision making factors.

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    Sales Performance Consultations
    gets your team on track and stay there to remove barriers and consistently book more business.

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    Career Track Development helps you understand your potential career options and take control by increasing your future opportunities.

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    Executive Mentoring
    One-on-one includes career and lifestyle coaching to align your long-term goals and aspirations.

“ I use the learning modules when training new associates and often at our sales and catering meetings. ”


At the core of its curriculum Hotel-DOS training incorporates role-playing scenarios, self assessments, team tracks, and case studies. Supplemental training includes information-packed webcasts, videos with industry leaders, and insider news feeds. Learning modules run approximately 15–20 minutes and can be repeated as often as necessary. Trainings are easy to facilitate and enjoyable to monitor with no preparation required.


Role Playing Learning Modules
The role-playing modules develop a broad variety of essential and high-demand skill sets. In these exercises, sales staff assume the roles of a client and a hotel salesperson. Every module comes with a facilitator’s guide.

  • Team members learn how to identify when they are entering a specific phase in the selling process and how to control the direction of the sale when they face identical situations on a live call or in a meeting.
  • Listening skills are developed in order to simulate actual customer encounters. As in real-world situations, clients’ demands may be very different from what they actually need before booking.
  • At the conclusion of each role-play session, the team will give a critique and suggest how the salesperson could have performed more effectively.
  • Each role-playing module includes an answer key with multiple suggestions on the most effective negotiating or closing techniques.


Self Assessment Learning Modules
Every module comes with a facilitator’s guide that will provide direction to team leaders through each exercise effectively leveraging a wide range of skills that result in better sales numbers. Assessment results are used to direct specific training to underperforming teams and individuals.

  • Results are reviewed and critiqued by the teams, enabling leaders to determine the appropriate learning modules that offer corrective measures for eliminating deficiencies and increasing productivity.
  • Leadership skills can be developed by assigning sales managers to assume the role of the facilitator.
  • Each module includes an answer key with multiple suggestions on the most effective and current resolution.

Team training products

Team Track Learning Modules
The team track modules integrate all team members’ individual efforts into a collective team decision that supports the sales strategy. The facilitator's guides provide the direction and implementation for each training session.The goal of each exercise is to incorporate the results of the learning session into the team’s overall sales solicitation strategy. This includes identifying specific conditions that may or may not exist within your hotel compared and contrasted with your competitors’ hotels.Each of these modules will coach your team with sales techniques they can use to handle challenging situations and win more business on a regular basis.


Case Study Learning Modules
Case Studies teach how to sell into specific markets and eliminate the guesswork your team needs to appraise and make pricing decisions. Market specific studies model top performing sales metrics used to delineate specific criteria that governs decision making.Each case study module has an answer key that will share empirical data that meeting, travel, and event planners consider critical in selecting a hotel. The team will learn how to organize and prioritize the information collection process and get the answers to key questions in preparing a presentation. They will understand pivotal decision making factors and deliver the critical components for a winning presentation.


Learning Modules . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $60 to $90 per Module
The Rain Maker™ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $200   5 Module Package
The Quota Killer™ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500   18 Module Package


"I have seen dozens of sales trainings over my 25 years in the in industry and this is the simply the best one out there. The team becomes energized and well equipped to be the leaders in their markets.”



Sales Performance
Sales Performance consultations provide professional expertise when planning, problem solving or coaching where a brand manager or VP is unavailable. Consultations are results-oriented and ideal to identify new accounts, prepare for site inspections or rehearse big money presentations. We can help you and your team overcome barriers to hit your goals every month by connecting with decision makers, reactivating stalled contracts, getting contracts signed, learning how to land LRA’s, dealing with short comings in other departments, bypassing gate keepers, and much more.


Career Track
Career Track consultations provides professional expertise for planning and advancing career development. Consultations are results oriented and ideal for identifying opportunities and developing action plans. A top Hotel-DOS hospitality executive will advise and create a realistic strategy that balances life and career goals. This will include insider knowledge of promotional tracks, risk management, and market trends in management companies, brands, and independents. We can help you understand the options so that you can take control of opportunities to advance your career.


Executive Mentoring
Executive Mentoring offers a combination of career and lifestyle coaching to help you align your long term goals and professional aspirations. Six one hour sessions provide executive expertise to develop an effective career strategy for advancement and overall quality of life. Mentoring incorporates skill set and aptitude evaluation to identify short and long range opportunities. Consultations determine the type and location of hotels that are best suited to you and your career goals. We’ll help you evaluate brand development versus working with a management company or an independent. This program goes beyond having a great resume by developing a clear path and precise steps you need to maximize your potential.

Sales & Career Support Services

Sales Performance Consultations . . . . . $90 hourly
Career Track Development . . . . . . . . . $90 hourly
Executive Mentoring . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1200